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Labsert Chemical - prpaket - 06.01.2019

Labsert started its operations in 2015 to manufacture of certified reference standard materials, analytical reagents and volumetric solutions. At this point, over 500 different single and mixture standards are manufactured as stock, and delivered customers around the world. Calibration and quality control standards for chromatography, spectroscopy and wet chemistry are only some part of our certified products. In addition to stock products, custom-made products are able to be manufactured according to customer’s request due to flexible manufacturing process. We also focus on research and development studies, for manufacturing unique reference materials in the world.

Reference standards are manufactured and certified in accordance with the ISO 17034 scopes and the products have metrological traceability like SI, NIST, etc. Certification analysis of the reference standards is carried out with the instrumental and gravimetric methods by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. To get more information about the products and co-operation opportunities, please visit our web site: https://www.labsertchemical.com